We have finally launched the new look website! The new website brings fantastic new changes that will help better engagement. We now have a blog 🙂 From time to time, we will be adding stories to the blog amongst the shoots that we post. You are most welcome to engage with us on any of the posts. Another small but nice change to the Gallery is the ability to comment on the photos. Feel free to leave a comment of you favorite pics.

Read what our customers have to say about us in the Customer Reviews section. They make us so proud!

Another new page is the Slideshows page. We will be adding some slideshows there as time goes by so keep popping in to see if there are some new ones to enjoy.

To all our loyal customers, thank you for sticking with us and letting us record your memories. The road so far has been challenging, yet rewarding. We look forward to seeing you again and making new friends with all the new customers too!

4 Replies to “New website launched!”

    1. Hi Peter. Yes, slideshows will be added from time to time :). If you wan’t, we can even do a slideshow for you! Send us photos you would like in a slideshow using a Dropbox link or WeTransfer and we will happily put one together for you. It can be anything like family pics or your pets through the years, the choice is yours!. Drop us an email on info@by-joao.com for more information and a quote.

    1. Thank you Ashleigh. Websites are not really my thing and it took forever lol. We went through 3 complete different designs and 2 of them looked good but were so very hard to do! I had to manually edit source code just to change images. Eg. changing 1 picture would take about 10 minutes so imagine a site with over 100. I also wanted Melissa to be more involved with the webby which is why we started from scratch, this time with a WordPress system. Thanks to this decision, we can now interact with people who comment 🙂

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