Spring is in the air. We would like to congratulate Candice on her birthday. It has been a while since we were last at the park for any reason. Seeing all the dogs at play just makes us want to bring our puppies for a good run. Maybe next weekend 😉

The day was lovely and temperate, mostly blue skies with dots of clouds here and there. Candice and family were delightful and fun. There weren’t many challenges today with tumbles or dogs stealing my shoes, only the odd walker in the background or the couple having an afternoon picnic in the shade. (A small part of this couple slipped into on of the photo backgrounds. Luckily the photo was angled in such a way as to hide them really well.)

Editing the photos was a lot of fun. George is becoming very comfortable with his editing workflow. He no longer uses Lightroom to edit his photos. The new software is a bit more challenging but is capable of so much more. Below is a small sample from the session.

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