Growing old is a blessing so many do not have, birthdays are everything and as far as I am concerned each and every one should be celebrated. They should always be cherished and treasured. Here’s to another year to have new experiences and grow!

We had the pleasure of photographing Pam and her daughter Allycia for her 9th birthday at one of our favourite outdoor locations. Pam came to us through a referral.

It was exciting planning Allycia’s shoot with her mum since it was a surprise. When we arrived at our destination Mum was excited and Allycia was none the wiser! Her face was a bit puzzled, wondering what she was doing amongst these fancy buildings surrounding her. We led our duo to a path between the buildings toward our secret garden. Stepping through the gate we turned around to look back at Allycia and couldn’t help but notice the stars in her eyes as she witnessed mere meters from her, two antelope grazing on the grass. As we were walking through the garden we shared our love and knowledge for the animal life there. 

The shoot started slowly but once we all started to feel more comfortable, the poses flowed and we all started to really enjoy the session.  

Allycia was jumping and smiling for the camera spoiling us with her dimples. From location to location Allycia clung to her birthday sparkle, a golden 9 shaped foil balloon almost as big as her. As the sun started to set our day was drawing to a close and we wanted to capture the last few images in the golden light before calling it a day!

We are certain our duo are going to love their photos and cherish this memory that we recorded for them. 

Allycia on this day, By-Joao would like to wish you the most fabulous birthday filled with love, surprises and all your wishes come true! 

We’ve all heard the saying, nothing lasts forever. As we were leaving our hearts sank as the balloon slipped from Allycia’s hand and was carried away into the sky, beyond our reach. The look on her face was enough to put a knot in anyone’s throat. Despite this, the memories we helped record will bring joy to Pam and Allycia. <3

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