It’s that season again when the jacarandas are in bloom and love is in the air. Our first ‘Summer’ wedding in Spring :). We don’t let the heat get to us, we will ride those heat waves and make sure we get the best pictures regardless of the conditions.

By-João would love to congratulate Jörg and Sandy on what would most certainly be a long lasting marriage with many years of love and happiness. It’s truly a pleasure to spend the day with you recording your love for each other. There will be trials and tribulations and we hope you remember to take a quick gander at these pictures to re-ignite those feelings you have for each other. With each others support and love, nothing is impossible. We wish you the best!

So, on to the story of this day. Venues…. Such an important decision. Sometimes the ball can be dropped, and on those days, we work extra hard because our customers are everything to us. This day had its challenges from both the weather in terms of heat as well as a venue that was a bit difficult. As a team, we made the most of the situation and diligently worked with each challenge. We were fortunate to have the most awesome crowd who were there to make the day super special for Jörg and Sandy and easier for us to record all those special moments. As is always the case, timing is always a crunch at weddings but we pulled it off with bells and whistles thanks to everyone in attendance. We loved meeting everyone and hope to see everyone again in future one way or another.

As our time at the wedding was drawing to a close, we were treated to a show of the Cha Cha by Jörg and Sandy. We recorded a video of this as an extra little surprise for our couple.

Once again, Jörg, Sandy, thank you for this opportunity and allowing us to capture your memories. We love you!

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