Every business has some clients that can really put a smile on ones face. To By-João, the Oosthuizens are with out a doubt one of those customers. Early in 2020, they approached us to book a shoot to welcome a new family member of the two legged variety, Olivia. For those not living under a rock, we all know what happened in the beginning of the year…. COVID 19. Fortunately for us, they did not cancel their booking and opted to wait until we were allowed to photograph again. For this, we are eternally grateful.

In October, we finally had the chance to get together and have some fun. We really enjoyed seeing everyone again. Kate and Ivy are two beautiful spaniels with long stories of their own. They fell in the honey pot with Natasha and Leander and couldn’t have hoped for a better family to be adopted into. Little Olivia is just too cute and we feel so honoured to be the ones they asked to record their day in the park.

The shoot itself went quite well be it for one tiny oopsie. The letter P fell off and we didn’t notice at the time we took the pictures. This resulted in some extra effort we had to put in on Photoshop to put it back where it belonged.

From us at By-João, we would like to thank Natasha and Leander for everything they have done for us. Each and every post share, comment and referral has not gone unnoticed. The fact that you trusted us not to run away with your money in these trying times means a lot and we hope that we can put more smiles on your faces in years to come. To one of our most valued and cherished customers, THANK YOU!

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