A late Saturday afternoon, a chance of rain (according to the woefully inaccurate weather service), thickly laid clouds with spots of sunshine. This was the setting for our session with our new friends, the Dempers family.

It’s no secret how much we love animals and this day we had two furry friends join the shoot. The furries are the Dempers Dachshunds, both adorable and super friendly. It was their first time in this particular park and it was like they went to carnival they had so much fun. Our primary focus on the day was the two hooman younglings and their lovely gran Amanda. We still managed to sneak in a few shots of the doggies and they managed to photo bomb a few of the other shots too.

We love to see how a family’s love binds each one together and it brightens our day every time we have the opportunity to capture the love between a parent and a child. This day was no different, being spoiled with three generations of girls. The bonds are clear and this made the shoot fun and easy. (It does help having a teacher in the home).

We at By-João had a blast and hope that there will be many more shoots with the Dempers family.

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