We at By-João were happy to see the Robbetze family again, this time for a mini family session in the park. The day had lots of promise with good weather and great light.

Our session started a bit slow with Ben being a bit shy in front of the camera. We noticed a bit of panic set in with the parents when it likely looked to them that the day would be harder than anticipated. For us though, the thought was, Challenge accepted! This is where we shine.

We started snapping away, sneaking in shots when our subjects least expected it. The result was some beautiful photos that captured the day in fine splendour with a sprinkle of candid class. Ben still wasn’t game for posing though and we still needed some of those photos that had ear to ear smiles of the whole family. We have a squeaker that was pulled from a rubber duck. This proved to be a real blessing when we tried using it. Almost immediately we had Ben smiling wondering where the ‘ducky’ was. We had smiles all around and hit our stride.

By the time our photos were imported, it became apparent that this session is a winner with a ton of beautiful photos that the Robbetze family would be proud of. We hope to see them soon again.

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