Children are a precious gift that brings joy and comfort to parents the world over. We João’s were fortunate enough to again meet Delia and family in the park for a wonderful morning session. It’s always a hit or miss this time of year with it being rain season but we were blessed with the weather on this day and made the most of our time with this lovely family.

Elena is growing so fast and is cuter than ever! She was the size of a pea the last time we met. The love her parents have for her is clear when we look at the pictures. We derive so much pleasure when seeing this much love. Even editing the photos is somehow more enjoyable because of this.

Eva was a great sport and danced in front of the camera like a natural. There’s no doubt she’s her daddy’s girl. There is a clear connection between the two which shines on the photos.

We hope to see this beautiful family again so we can capture more of this love that brightens our day so. Delia, Greg, thank you so much for considering By-João Photography and letting us capture some new memories for your family. It means the world to us.

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