We recently photographed this special family Yolande , Burnan and their sweetest two Yorkshire terrier girl’s Chloë and Kaley . Knowing our love for our extensive fur family we absolutely love getting shoots where pets are treated as part of the family.

These two terrier princesses are absolutely treasured and doted on by their humans and it really shows.  Spoilt rotten is an understatement! Talk about landing with a fluffy bum in the butter. 

In what felt like a long wait for their December shoot date it finally came as we had originally planned to shoot their session in November but we had to postpone due to the heavy rainfall. Also keeping in mind that princesses don’t do mud at all! 

They both arrived looking fabulous on the day, Kaley sporting her gorgeous bow, obviously the girly one of the two where as  Chloë a typical terrier educated us in the ways of playtime with bounds of energy. 

Their shoot was relaxed and fun and we also got to capture some magical photos of their parents all while the girls had to keep eye contact to see their parents were nearby. 

We hope you treasure the memories made and look forward to your next shoot! 

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