Dear Micaila
It’s been an absolute pleasure and so exciting planning this maternity session for you before you welcome Baby Ezekiel in the next month. 
Melissa João

She contacted me a few months back while still thinking of what she envisioned for her shoot as well as searching for the perfect dress which she eventually found through Belly Beautiful. The week running up to her shoot provided to have the worst weather for an outdoor session however we held out hope and that weekend the weather lifted and we found an amazing opportunity to finally have the shoot done. 

As terrible network connection would have it Micaila’s boyfriend had messaged me on the day to let me know he was going to propose at the shoot however I never received the messages. We all arrived at the park and the weather was great and Micaila was the beautiful mom to be glowing with happiness and radiance and looked absolutely beautiful. Luckily Brandon managed to quietly point out that he fetched the ring and wanted to propose once we gave the go ahead. 

As far as Im concerned impromptu proposals are the best and this one was nothing less but rather a whirlwind of emotions , happiness and tears! 
Brandon and Micaila thank you for choosing By-Joao to not only capture the beginning of baby Ezekiel’s journey but also the beginning of your own journey as an engaged couple and parents to be.We hope you will always treasure these moments and look forward to capturing your future memories.

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