Aah the Patchappas. This is one family we always look forward to seeing again. The two young ones are just too adorable! It seems like only yesterday when we did our first shoot for this family. It was Div’s birthday and she had a lion onezie. Her little sister was just a baby still. Tick on a few years and here we are again, this time, a family shoot and the children are growing fast!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the bubble gun working for the shoot but that did not stop us from having a load of fun. Everyone enjoyed the park where we had ground squirrels, springbuck, blesbok, impala and a whole range of birds. The kids even got up close with a tortoise.

Being an easter weekend, we ended the day with some easter eggs. We had a great time with the Patchappa and sincerely hope we see them again. Thank you for booking with us and we wish you all the best!

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