Let us begin with wishing Elektra a very happy 7th birthday. May this year be filled with love and happiness.

The party was held at Casalinga, a beautiful venue on the West Rand. Elektra was bright and lively, making it obvious that today would be an awesome session. The light coming through the Autumn trees was beautiful and warming. We used this to our advantage to take some pictures in the garden before the party got into full swing.

Once the party started, Melissa and I put on our running shoes to try keep up with Elektra’s electric energy. She zipped from one end to another and happily posed every time we asked.

The family photos came out beautifully. Hardly any effort when the lens loves the smiles.

This is not the first shoot we had and we certainly hope it won’t be the last for this family. Thank you for allowing us to record these memories for Elektra.

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