Boston terriers are just the bomb! Meet Chino and Kai, the Boston Brothers from Jozi.

Arriving to take photos, we were greeted by both Chino and Kai who at first were a bit unsure about the two strangers in their home. They became open to the idea that these strangers were not so bad when George lay down on the floor with treats hidden in his pockets. After the initial introductions and making new friends was done, we got down to the nitty gritty of the visit and fired away one photo after the next.

We bounced round the house and garden making sure we maximized our opportunities. The beautiful garden and home were perfect and the result was some great photos these proud parents can ogle over for years to come. Chino and Kai were spoiled into poses and made the shoot so much fun. Even the action shots were a blast!

In the end, we were elated to make some new friends and hope that the memories we recorded will bring joy to these proud doggy parents. Thank you for booking with us and we hope to see you soon again.

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