It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet Nicky and her German Shepherd Theo, two kindred spirits. Especially after we chatted so much and planned this special outdoor shoot for Theo’s 5th birthday celebration in August.

We do have a secret love for German Shepherds, they truly are beautiful, gentle, intelligent and a fun yet sometimes even goofy breed. We had so much fun and laughter on the day of the shoot and Theo was just amazing all through the afternoon. You can see Theo’s bond with Nicky is strong, sprinkled with a special kind of love. It was really special getting to meet and capture some images of Nicky and her mum as well.

Amid living in a world pandemic we do not know what tomorrow may bring but we can choose to be grateful and celebrate all we have today!

Thank you for choosing us to capture these amazing memories and the friendship and love you both share. We hope your paths will be entwined for many years to come!

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