What a pleasure to meet Craig, Alexis and their furkids Mufasa and Nala for a beautiful afternoon outdoor shoot as the seasons are starting to change. Their beautiful Labradors were just the sweetest most gentle senior dogs.

Off the bat we had to work fast with a river in the immediate vicinity. Mufasa had this raw instinctive pull to the water which for the rest of us was a bit of a no no as a photo shoot starts. It’s obvious who the parents are though as we did manage to get the show on the…. right after Mufasa gallantly swam.

Once we got the ball rolling however, the session started to hit a stride and we started churning out shots. The time of day was great too and aged like fine wine, bringing in some beautiful shots at the tail end of the shoot. We must say that there is chemistry between Craig and Alexa and it shows in their photos. They both look fantastic in camera and you can really feel the sense of family once the furkids are in the shot too.

We really hope to see Mufasa, Nala and their hooman parents soon because wow they make gorgeous photos.

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