Aah, we’ve waited a long time for this one. If you’ve ever watched Marley & Me, the movie, then you know what we had to play with in this session, not in trouble so much but sheer energetic fun.

Kai is not Marley, but the way he moves, the way he ran the shoot, the way he is loved by his hooman parents, is almost exactly the same character and movie. This is one shoot we will never forget because of the fun and laughter we had. His parents, Delisha and Keshalin, have so much love for this boy, you can feel it by just being round them.

From the very first photo of the day, Kai was like the Duracell bunny, hopping and dancing to his hearts content. He posed when he needed to and lifted everyone’s spirits the rest of the time with his boundless positive energy. There was a worry that he would make a dive for the river nearby so we started a little ways off from the river. As the shoot continued, we got ever closer to the water until he saw his chance and with one unsuspecting leap, he bolted, ripping the lead away from dad and headed straight for the water. George was the last obstacle, not nearly close enough for an easy block but just like the Jonty Rhodes run-out of Inzamam-ul-Haq in 1992, he made one last ditched dive for the lead still tied to Kai and stopped him just a meter short of the waterline. For a 42 year old guy, it’s as painful as it sounds but brought the widest smile to his face for this long forgotten athletic ability.

As the afternoon drew on and we moved away from the water, the sun was starting to bring us some golden light for some extra special photos. We closed the session off with some family shots, the warm sun dressing our beautiful subjects in gold for some real South African Christmas flair. Yeah yeah, we know it isn’t technically Christmas yet but who says we can’t celebrate all year round right?

We thank Delisha, Keshalin and Kai for giving us this opportunity to capture their beautiful day in the park. What fun we had and hope to have with them again!

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