It seems like yesterday when we first met JP & Gaileen on their wedding day. They were a beautiful couple then but as we all know, time never stands still and everything can change…

Move on a couple of years later and we were approached by Gaileen for a maternity shoot! It’s always such wonderful news to hear when our customers have a bundle of joy on the way. A venue was picked, a date was set and all we had to do was prepare our poses for the upcoming session. Unfortunately, these trying time never cease to present us with challenges. This time round, our dear expecting couple had fallen ill and the shoot had to be postponed 🙁 The venue thankfully understood and allowed us to postpone to a later date.

In the mean time, baba decided it was time to say hello and put a spanner in the spokes meaning the maternity would have to become a baby shoot. A new date was confirmed with the venue and everyone was happy again…. until 1 week before the shoot, the venue contacted us to cancel the booking! The room we had booked was damaged by a burst pipe. Despite also booking the outdoors of the venue, and trying our level best to discuss this with the venue, they refused to allow us to shoot there. On such short notice, we were unable to find similar venues and were forced to make drastic changes to our plans for this shoot. Luckily, By-Joao have a good, safe and secure place that is almost always available and this saved the day!

Remember my opening paragraph and how everything can change? Well, on the day of the shoot, we all arrived on location only to find that we were in for a rather special treat. Fine wine has nothing on this couple (now trio.) Holy moly, Gaileen is drop dead gorgeous!!! And JP, heck he is getting handsome, step aside Brad Pitt, You have some serious competition! With those good looks, our shoot was bound to bring some stunning pictures. Have a look below to see what we mean.

We just have to thank JP & Gaileen for coming back to us to capture the new addition to their family. We were spoiled with splendid beauty, carefully chiseled handsomeness and a baba that was too curious about the two crazy togs pointing cameras at her. This was such a beautiful session with some of the nicest people on the planet. Thank you for thinking of us and thank you for your patience with this booking fiasco that was out of our control. We would love to be around for more of your splendor.

2 Replies to “The Start of a New Adventure”

  1. Dear George and Melissa
    You both are too kind with such lovely words🥰
    Thank you both for always going the extra mile to make sure we are always accommodated with all our issues and for making the photoshoot a fun one.
    You both have been acquaintances to becoming good friends and now you both feel like family 🥰
    Thank you for capturing all our milestones beautifully ❤

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