Hi there everyone. Yes, our little family is growing. We have decided to invest in a new ‘staff member’. This is a very long term investment, one I (George) have waited for quite a long time.

In September, after some symptoms presented ailed Melissa, I asked her to at least do a test. Off we went to our local chemist to buy a pregnancy test. We bought one only… At her most comfortable convenience, Melissa did the test and we both stood in anticipation with the stopwatch waiting for the result.

I felt like a little boy at Christmas waiting for my name to be called so I could rip open my present. Tick, tock, tick, tock and no result was coming up. At 3 minutes I couldn’t take my eye off the test but according to the instruction insert, we should have had a result by now. The test showed a clear dark line…. only one. To the left of this line was a colon ( : ) not much of a result. It turns out, the only test we bought was a dud 🙁 The following Monday we popped back in to the chemist to buy another test. I didn’t want to take a chance so I picked up 2 this time.

Monday evening went by, no testing. Tuesday went by, no testing. Wednesday went by and still no testing. This was getting ridiculous now so I sat Melissa down the Wednesday evening and said we really have to test now. I guest the fear and uncertainty in these trying times is what led to the hesitation.

The Thursday morning, Melissa snuck into the bathroom for the test. 10 minutes later she came to the room with the result… 2 lines!! I was stunned to silence and as Melissa left the room, I felt the tears of joy run over my cheeks.

This is a journey we both have waited diligently for. One that we will record and enjoy until the big day arrives.

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