This is a call we happily wait for every year. This family have been incredible customers over the years and the support we have received from them has been nothing short of amazing.

This year, we got together again to celebrate Emma’s 7th birthday. It did come with a small change in that this little girl’s energy has increased more than tenfold! It’s no understatement when I say you can skip gym on the day you photograph this little flower. She had us running from pillar to post to get our shots in. All the while happy to smile at the camera every time.

The theme of the party was Alice in Wonderland. The decorations were all beautiful and Emma rand from one to another admiring each and every decoration. Of course, the real center piece of any kids birthday party is the cake and this year round, we were treated to a 4 tier masterpiece that would have Michelangelo proud. Emma’s gran came dressed as the Queen of Hearts and she absolutely stole the show for all the children. This beautiful (we’ll say 30 year old gran) queen had the kids in stitches with all the play, from croquet to dancing. Her presence at the party was a true and rare delight, one that Emma will forever remember. George made the small mistake of thanking her with a ‘spasiba’ for the slice of cake she gave him. It’s one of only 3 Russian words he knows. She responded with a lot more than he could begin to even process lol. Maybe it’s time to learn more Russian in respect to our wonderful customer.

The Post House venue also has some animals that the kids all got to feed. There were some tortoise, one of which kept running away, chickens and bunnies too. It’s always a highlight to see how the animal kingdom brings joy to the little ones. After the feeding session, all the kiddies go to ride on horses. Most were all too happy for the opportunity with maybe one or two having to overcome a wee bit of fear before taking a chance on horse back.

All in all, the day was amazing and totally worth all the sweat and sore muscles. It may have been hot but that didn’t sway any of the kids. We are thankful that we know this family. Their support over the years has truly made us cry (tears of relief) in hard times and smile on every opportunity we get together. Jelena, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for every bit of support you have given us over the years. Thank you for choosing us to record your memories and thank you for being the most wonderful person you are. We really love you.

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