We’ve gotten to that time of year again yay. The shops are all decked out with this seasons Christmas decorations and we are all gearing up for the festive season at home.

Today we did our first official Christmas session for this season with the adorable Athena and Malakai. Mum and dad joined in too and for good measure, granny too!

Upon arrival, we met our delightful hosts Riaan and Candida, a beautiful couple, destined for a date in front of our cameras. We were led to a room with a huge Christmas tree which would form the main backdrop for the session we had planned. We went through the introductions with Athena and Malakai who were so excited with the new strangers baring treats and after some lighting tests, we were ready to fire away.

Malakai was simply loving the attention, taking every opportunity to be in front of the camera, even when it wasn’t his turn. He was the perfect subject, sitting, playing and posing like a pro. Young Athena was a bit of the opposite, wondering what all the crazy people wanted from her all the time. As long as the treats kept dropping, who cares right. She would offer us one second poses that put our skills to the test and test them, we did. The results are stunning pictures that would have any parent proud of their furkids.

To say the day was hot, is an understatement. The heat was very tough to work with but we João’s don’t let that get in the way of our efforts to make our customers proud. It was just another true South African summer day, one of many more that we have come to love. Though the sweat got in our eyes, we got the shots and all with the biggest smiles on our faces. Pet sessions are just the best!

Riaan, Candida, thank you for allowing us into your home to capture your beautiful family. We had such a blast and hope that we meet again for more photo shoots. Our cameras love all of you and it shows when you look at the photographs. We really appreciate your company and that you selected us to record this day for you. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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