On this day, we got together with the Carneiro family to celebrate the christening of young Alexio.

We arrived at the church, and pondered whether we had the right place. We were the only car there and nobody in sight. We used the opportunity to walk round the church grounds to scout for photo locations. There was a parking lot and the inside of the church. Hmmm, not much to go on but in true By-Joao fashion…. challenge accepted!

The inside of the church had some great lines that would help with impact on the photos and we used them to get some lovely shots of the proceedings. Alexio was having none of it and was determined to have the day go his way, even pointing fingers at the priest whenever he got too close. The result was an all hands on deck effort to keep him distracted while the priest preached. Family members sitting in the benches waving hands and the younglings trying too with great success. This was until it was time for the baptism and the water ran over his hair, Alexio let loose. For us, it’s normal, as we have been to many baptism’s and can say with certainty that was far from the loudest we have seen. Even George’s mother said the congregation needed earmuffs to protect their ears at his baptism.

We could see the stress on dear Jessica’s face and it was enough to put a knot in our throats. It is with that, that we offered this beautiful family a little surprise as a gift from us to help put a smile back where it belonged.

We know that we will see the Carneiro’s again soon and we will have yet another chance to capture more memories for this loving family. In the mean time, we hope they love their photos and the slideshow we so happily created for them. Thank you for letting us be a part of this milestone for Alexio and allowing us to record this beautiful memory.

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