We are very happy to announce our first Persian shoot! Cats can be a real challenge in front of a camera. Dogs are sometimes tough but generally not too hard to capture but cats… whoa cats are in a league of their own. Let’s face it, they are the boss and we are the annoying people who keep disrupting their mojo.

Meet Mason, Kourtney, Corey and Kylie. These little beauties have such individual character and are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face when they meet them.

Kylie – calico girl. Rescued from Persian Cat Rescue JHB in July 2020 along with her sister Kendall who unfortunately passed away. Kylie was kept in a cage for about 5 years and used to breed multiple litters for her breeders benefit. She has arthritis in her back legs due to being constrained in such a small space, and had no idea what grass was when she first stepped into a garden. Since then, she’s flourished and become the most talkative girl. She loves her food, especially scrambled eggs and is extremely playful.

Corey – cream boy. Rescued from Persian Cat Rescue in March 2021. He was found abandoned in a box in Pretoria and arrived at his new house so nervous of everything. He’s the most loving cat I, and that was advertised on his Facebook adoption post, so his new mum just KNEW she had to have him. He has become such a playful little boy, put on weight and gives so many kisses and love all the time. He follows his hooman everywhere and is truly her best friend.

Kourtney – tortie girl. Rescued from Persian Cat Rescue in May 2021. Kourtney was as cute as a button when she arrived. She had just had an unexpected litter and was given up for adoption when her owners suspected she was pregnant. All her babies got adopted and then she came to her new home. Her new mum originally wanted to adopt another girl, but Joy at Persian Cat Rescue told her that Kourtney would fit right into her little family and she was so right. She is so playful and still a kitten herself. Her favorite thing to do is put her head in her mummies hand when she sleeps.

Mason – black van boy. Rescued once again from Persian Cat Rescue in May 2021, just 10 days after Kourtney. We are not sure what happened to Mason’s mom (they came from an awful selfish breeder,) but Mason and his siblings ended up drinking milk from Kourtney until they were big enough to eat on their own. Mason is super naughty and loves to do zoomies round the house. Mason isn’t a big fan of being held in front of other people, but he melts like butter when it’s just him and his mum together. He gets embarrassed in front of his mama. Both his siblings are homed with friends of his hooman which makes her so happy!

Unlike most of our shoots, getting each of these babies to pose where we wanted them, was hard and they couldn’t care less about the camera or chanting and whistling to grab their attention. None the less, we had a magic bullet with us in the form of freshly picked catnip. We had to get to know each of them first, spending a little time till they were all comfortable. Once the catnip came out, these kitties were like putty and we set into our stride and snapped away one shot after the next. Cory became the resident camera hog and waltzed her way in front of all the others while we tried to capture them. She is very obviously a pro at photo bombing. Corey was the complete opposite, exclusively allowing pictures on his terms only. All in all, the session was successful and we had good fun to boot. We hope we get to capture more kitties soon!

We at By-Joao want to thank Tayla for her choice to adopt her babies from a rescue organization. We have a special place in our hearts for people like her. Thank you Tayla for giving these kitties the opportunity to land in the butter and opening your heart to those in need. You are our hero!

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