‘Tis the season for giving, and today’s session came as a gift from one of our other clients to Pranusha. There are some really wonderful people out there! So, today’s session is another Christmas shoot with 2 doggies, Roscoe and Lola.

Roscoe is 11 years old and was on his way to a shelter at 9 weeks when Pranusha stepped in to adopt him. He absolutely loves his zoomies, chasing birds and munching down on squeaky toys. When those wear him down he can often be found in mummies lap snoring away!

As for Lola, she was rescued two years ago and joined the family. She is four years old and this is her first forever home. She is a cross Pekingese and Jack Russell. Her favorite things include munching on snacks and having lazy days on top of the couch staring out at the garden!

From the get go, it is very evident that these lucky pups are painted with love by their hooman. This made our session that little bit easier. On their own, they were a bit curious about these crazy people pointing black boxes that makes bright light every few seconds. It didn’t really matter in a bad way because uncle George had some treats.

These kinds of sessions can go in weird ways at times. We at By-Joao have a rather odd assortment of pets and critters and the smells we carry round with us can get the doggies sniffing for quite a while before we can square off our first shot. It’s actually a very good thing because most of the time, it helps them get comfortable with us. Other times, it’s a bit unsettling to the pups but in both cases we make sure we get the shots mummy can be proud of. This was one of those days we had both curious and happy to pose in no particular order or quantity.

We did go outside to try some garden pics but here we were beaten. This doesn’t mean we failed, it only means we try harder so we can do better. Even then, once mum held her babies, the photos came out gorgeous.

Pranusha, thank you for having us in your home. We absolutely loved meeting you and your to beautiful furkids. We sincerely wish you a very merry Christmas!

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