Over the years we have got to know a few families with rottweilers. As a small boy, there was a girl I had a crush on who had one. He scared me so much that I refused to go near their home. But in all honesty, Brutus was the exception when it came to all the rottweilers I met.

Today, we met Xena. She has got to be one of the most beautiful rottweilers we have ever had the pleasure to play with. She has such a wonderful character, friendly yet commanding respect with her sheer size and physique. She may be big, strong and look intimidating but she is like a giant marshmallow and just as sweet. It is obvious how much her hooman family adore her and she absolutely knows it.

This session started as a bit of a rush with the Gauteng weather threatening to put a damper on our plans. The initial meet and greet went smoothly and it was such a pleasure to meet this wonderful family. Deánna saw some horses on the way in and begged mum and dad to take her to meet them. Diego and Dinó, two strapping young boys were Xena’s personal handlers and did a fantastic job of helping the shoot move at a higher than normal pace. But alas, despite our rush and efforts, the heavens opened and dropped an ocean down on our heads. This sadly brought our shoot to a premature end.

We imported then edited the family photos but despite our best efforts, were were not happy with the number of shots. We wanted more of this beautiful family, much more. Melissa contacted Carla to find out if there was any possibility of us getting together again a week later to try again. A date was set for an early morning start and all that was left, was to wait for the date.

Round 2. We arrived early, had a quick look at the wet grass and said our prayers for the clouds to hold. According to our weather apps, we had a much better day ahead so we were comfortable that we didn’t have to rush. Once the Serrão’s arrived, we got straight into the shoot and churned out one stunning photo after the next. Everything ran like a well oiled machine and we managed to capture some of the best photos of the season! Xena was dragged from pillar to post for one pic after the next but she smiled and enjoyed every second of it, treats abound but with this beautiful girl, none were really needed.

In the end, this session may have been done over two weekends, but that was no bother at all. The camera absolutely loves every single member of this family. They are all so natural and the photos were a pleasure to work through. Extra effort was put into the slideshow because when the photos look this good, you cannot let yourself down with a poor slideshow. We are extremely thankful that they were open to drive out again to try for a second round of photos after the rain stopped the first session. In our opinion, totally worth it!

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