A long, long time ago, in a galaxy we all live in… A loving family for whom we have done a good few shoots before, had bought as a gift, a photo session for family. Proudly we put together a gift voucher and surprised Kaveshni with this nice little surprise. A date was set and all that was left was to wait.

Life often hits us hard and these days, it seems like life has no shortage of lemons to challenge us to our utmost. In this particular case, this planned session was put on ice due to a family tragedy and little did anyone know, the wait would be long before we could go ahead with the shoot.

We don’t like to waste people’s hard earned cash so we wavered the expiration date on the voucher and decided to let time pass before approaching Kaveshni with a reminder that there is still a little light we can provide her. When Melissa contacted Terisha (Kaveshni’s sister) and asked her about the chance to go ahead with the shoot, she was absolutely delighted. Apparently the gifted voucher was misplaced and it seemed that the shoot was lost hehe. Thankfully, we did keep a record and are all too happy to put smiles on peoples faces so we certainly were happy that this shoot could go ahead!

So here we were, December 2021 and finally we could all get together to get the session on a roll. We arrived a wee bit early and to our utter dismay, our ‘studio’ was ‘overrun’ by a pop up market! This was a real surprise as 1, we certainly had no idea the monthly market was back on and 2, we still had some Christmas shopping to do. Smiles on our faces, we scouted for an open corner and decided to take the shoot to the other end of the park.

Now I have to say, I have seen French Poodles in movies and on TV since I was a young lad, often portrayed as being female and chased by a rowdy male. It was always funny to watch. But in ‘real life’ I have only ever seen them maybe 2 or three times before, always at a distance. You can imagine my amusement when I first saw Honcho and Kattappa, 2 of the cutest miniature French Poodles I have ever seen! I heard poodles are smart so I was hoping for an easier shoot and for the most part, that is exactly what we got. Kattappa, the grey one, seemed the calmer of the two. He was only too happy to make his hooman parents proud and diligently followed orders to the T, giving us more than enough time and space to capture some winning photos. Honcho on the other hand, the little black one, did exactly the same… but in 1 second stints. Thus, if you wanted a particular pose, you could have it but only for a second because there were trees to sniff and posts to ‘update.’

Kattappa, being on the lighter side of the colour spectrum with black eyes, made it pretty easy for the camera to lock focus and get the pictures we needed. Honcho, being full black was another story all together. The camera really has a hard time picking out what we wanted to focus on. We can tell it to focus on the point we specify but if there is not enough contrast, you can forget about the focus locking. Some clever focus then recomposing got us round this but unfortunately the technique was a little harder to pull off for action shots. In the end, despite not getting the action photos we wanted, we still got some beautiful family stills. These are some photos that Kaveshni and Dhesigan will most definitely cherish. We were totally enamoured with their furkids definitely think a play date needs to be arranged with our playful scallywags.

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  1. All I can say is wow! We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome of our shoot. You guys totally rock!
    We cant wait for the next one. We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends.
    Thank you for giving us a lifetime of captured memories:)

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