A very long time ago, we were approached for a home shoot with two Dachshund furbabies. We love the spunk that comes with this breed so we eagerly looked forward to this one for months.

It so happens that despite booking well in advance, we had to wrestle with the weather and also had 2 other sessions earlier in the day. We woke early and leisurely drove to our first session in Sandton. Lovely weather with good cloud cover giving us natural soft shadows. After that, we raced off to Edenvale and again, lovely weather ranging from good sunshine to soft cloud cover with a dash of strong wind thrown into the mix to shake things up a bit. After that, we we off to the Struwigs, and in spectacular fashion, as we stopped, the rain came down. Thankfully we had a house to hide in and so we did.

Initially we tried to set up a spot for some indoor shots with some Christmas décor, but sweet Bella and Libby had other plans. They were not naughty or difficult in any negative way, they just had so much energy, the Energiser Bunny could get a tip or two from them. We ended up waiting for the rains to settle before braving the wet garden to see if burning some energy would spice up the session and wow, did it ever! Bella simply has no equal when it comes to her toys. She loves them, loves to chase them, loves to shake them and love to ‘silence’ them lol. We immediately hit a stride and started hammering away at the shutter button, capturing these furbabies in their happy place with their people. We cracked out some more Christmas décor and managed to squeeze in some rather cute pics of the whole family. Bella, no fan of the Christmas hat, had figured out a way to rub it off with efficient results. Once she noticed we were trying to capture this cute manoeuvre she darted for the flowerbeds and made sure we strangers with cameras could not get our way. So we pulled the hoomans aside and started with couple shots. There were some truly amazing pics that came from this but it did get both Bella and Libby jealous and they wanted some of the attention we were giving. They wormed their way into frame and there they planned to stay for the rest of the afternoon, allowing us to close off this session on a high.

After taking photos, we had a good laugh and chat about all sorts of fun hobbies. Heidi took us to the garage to show us one of the resident baby bats, what a cutie!

Ultimately, this was yet another successful session where everyone had a blast of a time and we certainly hope we get another chance to get together in future. Maybe we can do something that incorporates the bikes!

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