So we all decided to get together for another day in the park to take some photos of Cocomon and Bella along with their hooman mum and dad.

We arrived a smidge early and decided to park near the park entrance for some pics in the wooded area. After a few minutes, we noticed that time was ticking and Deshni and Keegan were nowhere to be seen. It turns out they were already there, waiting for us. Embarrassed, we drove further in to meet our new friends.

It became immediately apparent that these are the kind of people we love! Their furbabies are obviously spoilt well and look sooo cute! Brandishing wee little outfits, these two Pekingese are such adorable little floofs. They were very eager to greet the whole park, people, pups and all! Sadly for them, we had a shoot to do so they had to stick with us for the duration of the session.

At the beginning of the session, my timing was off and for the first few snaps, in every one, Keegan was blinking. A quick change to my method and all started going exactly as planned 🙂 Both Keegan and Deshni are stunners in camera and we absolutely loved capturing the emotions between these two. When two people click on a certain level, the chemistry makes photographing them that much easier and more enjoyable. It’s also always a pleasure to edit the photos in the end as they just look so good and minimal editing is required to get the final product. Add two adorable Pekingese into the mix and you have a recipe for a winning photo session.

At the end of it all, there was beautiful weather, giving us soft light, a really awesome couple with some cute floofs to round it off. We enjoyed the mood, the company and most of all, the photography. Deshni, Keegan, thank you for reaching out to us for this shoot. It was a true pleasure to meet you both and your floofs. We hope you love your pictures and cherish the memories we helped you record.

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