Anyone know a Santa? We do! Todays session is for a lovely young lady, celebrating a milestone birthday with those closest to her. Namasha here is one of those rare wonders that does special deeds for the unsuspecting. A short while ago, she gifted a photo shoot to one of her friends. A big thank you from us awaits her in her private gallery 🙂

It’s been just over a year since we last got together for a photo session. Back then, it was a Christmas shoot at her home with her beautiful and energetic furbabies, Tyler and Eggsy. This year, it’s a birthday shoot. One she is sure to remember. The shoot should have happened a few weeks back but the weather then, told us the time is not right and we needed to wait a bit. So we arranged the date change with the venue and all was set and ready for a lovely get together.

We arrived on site very early so we could do some photos for Heart of Suburbia before Namasha and her gang arrived. We got some pictures but being so late in the season and with thick clouds blanketing the sky, the place was sadly a bit sparse with customers. So, if you are reading this, and you love your doggies, go support this special business when they open up in January 2022. Namasha arrived right on time and came carrying her goodies for the afternoon. After short and jolly introductions, we began our photo session with the hoomans while Tyler and Eggsy ran round doing their status updates on every bush, tree, post, corner, bench, gate, random spot…. you get the picture… Dogs rule! We squeezed in some fun pictures of Namasha, Pravir and an exquisitely decorated cake, themed after the Friends TV show.

Once we were satisfied that the pups had completed all their status updates, we brought them into the shoot and got some totally awesome action shots. Both pups were super ready to pose with their people too and the portrait photos absolutely brimmed with happiness. This is one customer we just didn’t want to disappoint in any way so after getting the shots we needed and before we indulged in a bit of a cake smash, we opted to do some couple photos. Namasha, we hope they blew you away!

We have never done a doggy cake smash before so today had a first for us in this respect. Once the scene was set, we brought Tyler and Eggsy in for the fun. They loved the cake and dove right in there doing the cake smash in a way that only doggies can!

Once the shoot was over, Mel and I drove home and discussed how happy this session made us feel and what a wonderful person Namasha is. We hope that we hear a lot more from her. We see and take note of every single referral she and other fans make and we are truly grateful for what she has done for us this last year. This year would have ended quite differently without this beautiful woman. Namasha, Pravir, Tyler and Eggsy, we wish you a very heartfelt Merry Christmas!

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