Bailey the Beagle

Let’s just accept that it is an international norm. Puppies are friggin awesome! Bailey, our main subject of today, is a 3 month old Beagle pup and he is the joy in his family. He is incredibly energetic and has a decent attraction to things too chew. (Not always limited to his chew toys) His hooman parents, Shoveeka and Kapil are truly blessed with this bundle of joy who is very obviously the life of the party.

Once again, this session started in the morning, fitting nicely between bouts of thunder showers and blessed with a spot of sunshine. Bailey’s first visit to this wonderful park had his nose tingling with all the new scents in the air and he was eager to get around to smell all the ‘post’ updates other doggies have left behind. Luckily this time round, our subject was quite contempt with our company and didn’t feel much need to make new doggie friends every time a walker came past. This made the shoot a lot easier and more fun for us. We started at the rows of pine trees to get some pictures of Bailey sitting on his own with the trees offering a balanced scene with soft light. With minimal editing, these pics simply look magical. Along with pine trees, you will find pine cones and Bailey seems to have a particular penchant for the pine cones scattered across the ground. We used this to our advantage and got some great low to the ground shots of him racing from one cone to the next. From there, we moved to a more open arena to get his parents involved in some of the shots. This trio are all so beautiful together and made for some great family photos that belong on the wall. Having some open space round us, we focused on some action shots which is a real blast for us. They are hard to get but often yield some really special results. In Bailey’s case, it was somewhat of a challenge to get the perfect look. We specifically aimed for a shot where his ears are flapping out to the sides. Having him chase after a toy helped to a point but what really worked was putting Kapil to work and having him run with Bailey in tow. Sorry Kapil, I know we had you out of breath but as my trainer always used to say, “exercise is good for you.” Moving closer to the river, we used the trees to work in some couple photos of Kapil and Shoveeka. While George worked on those pics, Melissa saw her chance at some 1 on 1 puppy time. She just loves puppies so much!

Ultimately, this was another very successful session that will surely make everyone involved smile when we go through the photos again. Kapil and Shoveeka are such a friendly couple and they are super blessed to have an awesome pup like Bailey. We hope that there will be many years of joy and laughter with their little Bailey and not too many chewed up slippers. Thank you for choosing us to capture this memory for you, what a pleasure it was!

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