We were absolutely elated to get another birthday booking, certainly one of our favorite types of shoots. Not only that, we also got to meet another family for the first time, another thing we love 🙂

Watching all the weather apps for a few days before the shoot, we were weary of the possibility that rain might make life a bit harder but just like our little star of the day, the weather was really great. Good cloud cover gave us perfect temperatures helping everyone enjoy such a wonderful day. The decorations and setup was exquisite and little Leah looked like she loved every detail. We followed her every move as she inspected every element of her day, snapping away as she enjoyed all the lovingly prepared treats and gifts.

Leah got to open a few of her presents and very obviously had an early favorite in her new Barbie Big City, Big Dreams gift. She thoroughly enjoyed testing every accessory from the hair brush to the makeup in front of her teeny dresser that came with the kit. After Barbie was all set and done, Leah ran from pillar to post making the most of her birthday party.

All in all, we had great fun meeting new people and getting a good run covering Leah’s 3rd birthday, one she sure is to remember. Thank you for booking By-Joao, we really hope to be seeing this beautiful family again.

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