The last time we got together with this family was just after Lucca was born. We met them at their home and had a lovely time photographing this beautiful family. The photos came out amazing and we knew they looked beautiful when we saw Sandra’s reaction to the slideshow. It was not long after that, another session was booked and planned but then…. Covid.

Hard lockdowns meant we had to postpone the shoot. Later the year, when lockdowns were sufficiently lifted for us to work again, we tried for a new date and from one attempt to the next, schedules were just not working out and the shoot just slipped from one month to the next. That all changed in 2022 when finally we had a date set and we had a session on the cards.

Sadly, the dad could not make it as he had to work so it would only be mum and kids. The day smiled on us and we were blessed with great weather, perfect for a morning shoot. This time, we were not at their home but out in nature at one of our favorite parks. Dea was very shy at the start but it did not take long for the butterfly to shed her cocoon. We always try our best to smile and have a jovial mood while working with shy children because it helps them be comfortable with us. In no time, Dea was following George and striking some cool poses her mum is sure to love. Little Lucca on the other hand, was quite a different story. Not shy for the camera at all. Willing to listen and pose on demand but, when he posed, you had 0.75 seconds to get your shot. Maybe this is a sign for things to come, we’re thinking an F1 driver? Be that as it may, George has a quick trigger finger am met Lucca’s challenge head on and squared in some perfectly timed pictures. Sandra has such a natural look and is so comfortable in front of the camera. It takes little effort from her part to look so amazing, something all photographers wish for. After the photos were done, the kids spent some time with the bunnies who were not particularly in a very touchy mood. Maybe another day…

We were blessed with a beautiful family on a beautiful day. We would like to thank Sandra for her patience through these trying times and for sticking with us. We truly appreciate her support and hope we have plenty more years to watch the kids grow and capturing that all with our photos.

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