The challenge of life can be daunting. Some give up when hitting the wall over and over, but some keep at it, facing the problem head on, over and over until they succeed. One of the latter, is Lisa. We are not going to get into the detail but in summery, she wanted a bundle of joy and eventually, it happened.

2 Years ago, we me Lisa for the first time through one of our other customers, when we did a baby shower shoot for her. That day was hard to say the least. It rained buckets and the venue had the bright idea of shoving most of their bookings into a tiny hall. There was no space to move, tempers were flaring here and there and it looked like we were heading toward a disaster. Earlier today, I had a look at the photos we took that day and can say with honesty, the pictures never captured the stress and how cramped everyone actually felt. We really did an amazing job capturing the joy in what ultimately turned out to be a wonderful day.

Today, things were a lot different. There was ample space and good weather so with less pressure, we settled into an early rhythm. Melissa at this point was 8 months pregnant and really having a hard time keeping up so it was double time for me. When I ran out of breath, I switched to a long lens to capture the action from across the yard, every other time, running rolling and crawling to capture the low angle shots.

Little Maya was such a delight. Her goldilocks were so cute and her smile is just too precious! It was such a pleasure to follow her every move as she tested everything on offer, from the food to the toys to the jungle gyms. Her cousins made sure her day was extra special as they played with her, running from pillar to post, from sword fights to bike chases. Maya seemed to enjoy the bikes especially and spent a lot of her day racing round playing cops and crooks with the other mini bikers.

Ultimately, the day was a ton of fun and Maya surely had more fun than everyone. It brings us so much joy to see how much love these little ones generate. Her parents, 2 years later, are still on cloud 9 because of this special little bee. You can actually feel their love when Maya is in their arms.

Lisa, thank you so much for allowing us to capture this special day for your family. Over and above taking the photos, your story is extra special and that makes days like these really worth remembering for us. We absolutely loved being there to record this day for you. Thank you for letting us be a part of this magical day.

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