To have pride and cherish one’s family, is one of the greatest gifts in life.  There are things in life, so valuable, that words cannot even begin to describe their true value.  It’s not that fancy flat screen TV, or the multi million rand car you work your pants off for, no, it’s family.  To have a husband, a wife, a daughter and or a son, these are the most valuable things to have.  Economies crash, belongings can be pinched, but family, that stays, be it physical or in memory.  

We recently got the pleasure to photograph a family, so proud of their daughters, so loving of their parents and so enamoured by their dog, these are the Jouberts.

On this fine freezing winter afternoon, we got together at one of our favourite parks to capture this beautiful family.  Load shedding was the words on everyone’s lips so we left home extra early just in case traffic would have it in for us.  Thankfully, we were blessed with minimal hinderance on the road and arrived on site a tad early.  The Jouberts arrived shortly after and we had a quick meet and greet.  Being huge doggie fans, we found ourselves ogling over their stunning retriever, so full of life and oh so ready to smell the whole park.

Shoots with a family this close and loving is always such a pleasure and when everyone is so friendly, that makes this job so much more worth it.  With the sun hanging low in the sky, capturing the Jouberts was fun.  Choosing different angles gave us an explosion of colours to play with, made easier by this lovely family.  This doesn’t get any easier when you have two drop dead gorgeous daughters who are so photogenic.  Mum and dad, whom years after tying the knot, can still look into each others eyes and emanate such love that you can feel it just looking through the lens.  This is what makes us happy.

We wish the Joubert family all the best, with their eldest heading off to the States, the youngest working hard toward her degree and the parents, walking one of life’s hardest journeys.  To mum and dad, we wish you all the strength and health and want you to know the we will keep you in our hearts.  Thank you for booking with us to record these moments.

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