Deon & Lucy’s Big Wedding Day

Weddings are one of those events that are so difficult for so many reasons.  Things just don’t go to plan, the weather throws curve balls and tempers flare.  On this day though, we had none of that.  The weather was great, a bit hot but great, there were no tempers flaring and everyone attending, in good spirits. 

Being load shedding seasons (when is it not these days,) traffic to the venue was somewhat of a mess.  We arrived right on time to do a quick setup and jumped straight into shooting.  Utilizing the few minutes before the start of the ceremony to capture pictures of the groom and his family. 

The wedding was small, intimate with everyone who counted the most, just the way we love it.  Lots of smiles abound, cell phones waving, recording videos and video calling those who could not make it.  The ceremony itself was filled with cheerful moments and happy moments, culminating in the first magical kiss as a married couple.

After the ceremony, the bridal couple held a Chinese tea ceremony for the newlyweds’ parents.  For those who don’t know, this tea ceremony it to honor the parents and relatives of the newlyweds.  It represents an important moment in which members of both families become relatives.  It was also the moment that our bride shed a tear off her mothers beautiful words.

After the ceremonies were done and dusted, I was drawn to the makeup frenzy happening outside with the brides mother and sister giving Lucy a quick touchup for the impending photos.  And with that, we took all the group shots so I could steal the bridal couple for the all important bridal shoot.

The bridal shoot was everything we photographers love.  A challenge with the sharp light and one of the most beautiful couples in front of the camera.  Having such good looking people makes this such a pleasurable experience.  Deon is honestly one helluva strapping chap that managed to make one of the best catches this side of the century.  This is one gorgeous couple we had a blast capturing.  It is worth mentioning that By-Joao are a 2 person team.  George being the head photographer and Melissa being the brains, marketing, pose director and the heart of the team.  George is quiet, introverted and finds it hard to work without his bestie.  This was a day that George was on his own, expecting to have a hard time without his pillar to direct the show.  Deon and Lucy however, are just so in love, with chemistry emanating so emphatically that George was able to hit a stride, taking beautiful pictures of the newlyweds.

During editing, George found a huge problem.  There were a few pictures taken in an archway and the photos looked great but for one glaring problem.  On the right hand side of these pics, there were fire hydrant signs that stood out taking so much attention.  George would have nothing of it and managed to pull each of those pictures into photoshop to do some clever fixing.  The results speak for themselves.  As from some of the other styled photos, George took some liberties with colour to try add some magic to the photos.  We hope Lucy and Deon love them.

When the day is done, we drive home and reflect on the day.  Most of the time, we can tell if the day was good or not.  George had a good feeling.  After finishing the slideshow, George’s mood was palpable.  We certainly hope that Deon and Lucy love the final product. 

Thank you for booking By Joao Photography, we love you for that.

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  1. George and Melissa, words cannot express how grateful Deon and I are for your help in capturing our big day!

    Even though Melissa was not on site on the day, she was very approachable and kind from when initial contact was made. She was in constant contact with me, doing research, answering any questions and just genuinely trying to get to know me as a person.

    George, while he may be the introvert of the dynamic duo, really knew what he was doing on the day! Deon and I do not enjoy having our photos taken, as introverts ourselves, we are awkward individuals who never know how to stand or where to put our hands. George immediately put us at ease, he was very professional and specific with his instructions, which relaxed us throughout the shoot and made it enjoyable!

    We were fortunate to secure a lovely venue, but it takes talent and a skillful eye to make the place come alive in photos and we were blown away by the editing and the colour experimenting. Watching the slideshows allowed us to relive our day, especially the pivotal moments.

    Thank you both, we will be sure to keep you in mind for future moments we want captured!

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