Este contacted me earlier this year to plan a beautiful an outdoor shoot for her mum just before she was about to leave South Africa. We had been chatting for a few weeks before the shoot, planning what location would be best as well as their outfits for the day. The week had arrived and the weather had taken a sudden turn and was really not outdoor shoot weather as the whole week before the shoots date, it was raining buckets. We weighed our options but decided with not much availability and time left before her trip that we had to go ahead with the date irrespective. With most of our afternoon’s raining wet we decided to rather opt for a morning shoot that Saturday. We arrived at the park bright and early and despite the grass being wet everything else was perfect. The outfits, scenery and light was just perfect and the shoot came together beautifully. We captured some amazing memories for this family and we hope that they will all treasure them no matter where life takes them on their amazing journey! We had so much fun and laughter at your shoot and thank you for choosing By-Joao.

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