There are moments in all of our lives where we get challenged. Some give up, some try a few more times and then some say… Challenge accepted!

This day was one of those days where challenges were met head on by both us, and our client. Deshni overcame a fear and we never gave up!

Our subjects, Monkey and Trouble were incredibly energetic and they made us work (hard) to make this shoot a success. At the start of the session, George sat down with them for an introductory lick session and boy oh boy can those to balls of love lick. Within seconds George found himself covered in doggy kisses, arms reaching out for some help haha.

We made do with the extreme heat and harsh light of the afternoon and managed to get some excellent cardio in while we were at it. We absolutely love this job, running round and playing at the same time, who could ask for more. Monkey and Trouble made the shoot easier being prime specimens of their breed. My gosh are they beautiful pups!

Thank you for choosing By-Joao to record this day. We hope there will be many more opportunities with this family.

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