It has been a couple of months since we last did a kids party, one of favorite types of shoots. We get to be like kids again and run round like younglings. It does take a huge amount of energy to keep up with some of the little ones but exercise is good for you so you won’t find us complaining.

On this joyful day, we got to say hello to Katherine again, who turned 6. The llama themed party was beautiful and the setup was certainly one to remember. So much effort went into the detail and the kids absolutely loved it.

On this day, Katherine was the very definition of energy as she zoomed all over the playground with her friends. From the swings to the jungle gyms, she gave us one of the best workouts we could ask for. For 2 hours we ran round with the broadest smiles snapping away at all those happy moments. When it was time to get to the birthday cake, the wind had picked up a bit making lighting candles a challenge but she was ready to blow the flame out the second it was lit. A birthday would be empty without those moments.

We ended the day with a few family photos for good measure and those pics came out absolutely beautifully. It does help when you have such a beautiful family and a birthday girl that simply couldn’t get enough of the cameras.

Thank you for asking us to be a part of Katherine’s special day. We hope that there will be many more birthdays we can be witness to.

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