It’s the time that so many matriculants look forward to. The matric ball where you get to dress up and wow your peers. Charlize certainly did that. She looked astounding and the cameras loved her. She is a natural in front of the lens and we had so much fun with this session.

Everyone present were super friendly and we all patiently waited for Charlize’s date who was fashionably late 😉 but made it there in one piece. It was a hot day yet that could not scorch the spirit and excitement we all had. Even the champagne. Aah yes that bottle haha. Cameras pointed at Charlize, ready with burst mode and spurring her on to pop the cork while we waited for a spray of bubbly and…. pop. That didn’t go as planned lol, and the cork fell straight down with no pop and little fizzle. Needless to say it had us in stitches with the unexpected outcome.

It’s such a pleasure to see the love from her family and have her grandparents be a part of her special day. Grandma was glowing with pride seeing Charlize in such splendour. Gandpa was also trotting round with a spark in his eye, not just for Charlize but also the uber luxurious Rolls Royce parked in the driveway. One day, when I’m nice and big, I too will be rolled round in a Royce… one day.

By-João couldn’t be around the whole night but we know that Charlize will remember this day for a long time. We are very thankful for this opportunity to record this memory and wish Charlize all the success for her future.

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