Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, the captain has arrived.

When it comes to milestones for our children, turning 1 is one of the biggest. We start at birth and celebrate the first day. Then after 7 days, another mini celebration for the first week. After that, the first month and for some, this happens for every month until our bundle of joy reaches that first big milestone, one year. This family is one of those who made sure they want to be a part of young Kaizlin’s life in a big way.
We absolutely love the way his parents recorded his first year in photos. These will be some of the greatest moments to look back on when they think of the first year and when Kaizlin grows older, he may try hide some of these from potential girlfriends but we are sure that a proud mom will show them on the side to guarantee some brownie points.

The day looked like it would be a typical Jozi four seasons and the weather honestly didn’t disappoint. From soft light with thick cloud cover to razor sharp light a few minutes later and then to rub it in, a dash of rain to keep everyone on their toes. We made it work and we got lovely photos of Kaizlin enjoying every second of his birthday. He is such a cute little boy, always smiling and blissfully soaking up the attention. To make things a lot more fun, he and his family we all dressed up like pilots that made for some memorable photos. We absolutely loved capturing this memory.

Thank you for choosing By-Joao to record these memories and we hope we get to be a part of this family’s future by recording special moments like these. We wish Kaizlin and his proud parents all the best!

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